Serendib Garden

Blooming Well

This purple poppy mallow (native) is really blooming well; I think I planted three plants here last here? I like it so much; I’m hoping I can divide it soon and add some to the front garden too.

Retiring ‘Garish’

I think we should retire the word ‘garish,’ except if we’re using it to indicate, ‘here is a character who is an unrepentant snob.’ I was listening to “Let’s Argue About Plants,” the podcast from Fine Gardening, and mostly, I like this garden podcast because they get pretty in-depth about plant characteristics, talking about things …

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Jasmine Blooming

The jasmine has started blooming, speaking of incredible scent. Ahhh…. I wonder if I can harvest it to do something with. Dried flowers for bath salts, perhaps.

Thai Basil

Thai basil; I try to grow it every year, so I can add it to my Thai curries. So yummy, and it smells incredible when you bruise the leaves.