Serendib Garden

Look Closely

Look closely, and you can see Ellie enjoying her garden. Our old dog loves the garden so, so much. Even though she now hates going up and down stairs (her poor hips), every time I go out to work on the garden, Elinor insists on coming with. So many yummy things to smell, I guess. …

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Two More Masks

Two more masks from yesterday’s sewing — Middle Earth map and dragonflies. I admit, I found this combination a little surprising — usually, I can see what draws people to different fabrics, and there’s a sort of consistent aesthetic. But Angeli Primlani is full of surprises. 


Blueberries! This is pretty early for them, I think — for some reason, Home Depot had a few blueberry plants that were much further along than the rest, and I snagged one. I’m trying it in a tall grey self-watering pot right in the flower bed next to the front steps — planting in a …

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Garden Fireworks

Allium schubertii — garden fireworks. Plant it near the sidewalk where the little kids can be astonished. 

Flowers and Sculptures

Last oddball flower for the night — allium schubertii. It’s not hardy in our zone, but I can’t resist the fireworks of them, so end up planting a few each autumn. They linger as dried fabulous shapes in the garden for months, so they’re really both flowers and sculptures. 

Penstemon / Beardtongue

Penstemon / beardtongue — I’m not sure if this is a native variety or a cultivar? I like how the pink contrasts with the dark blue-purple Siberian irises, and the dark blue columbines.

Little Weapons

Hm. I need to get a better photo of this native morningstar sedge so you can see its full glory. This is the only grassy thing I deliberately grow; I can’t resist the seedheads that look like little weapons.