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Some Things Just Take Time

Heading into my second board meeting of the week; I admit, I’m hoping this isn’t one of the long ones, as I’m pretty tired this week. 3 hours instead of 6 hours would be nice… Kavi, tonight: Why do they have so many board meetings? Me: [stumped for a minute, I admit, but I came …

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Well Done, OPRF Faculty

Pleased to learn at tonight’s board meeting that OPRF’s faculty are already 97% vaccinated. Well done, OPRF faculty!

Working on It

Locals, I’m starting to get a lot of personal messages on the OPRF hall pass policy, so I will just take a moment here to say that I think the policy is deeply problematic and should definitely be rolled back immediately, and I’ve been in conversations with administration on this for the past two weeks. …

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It Makes a Difference

Back in person for school board meeting last night. I could’ve done virtual, and I think Kevin would have preferred that — with Delta rising, he’d rather we started being more cautious again. But it makes a difference, I think, being in the room, especially if some are in-person and some are virtual. As a …

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How Not to Get Sued

It is disheartening how much of this 4-hr required training for school board members is essentially ‘cover your ass,’ or ‘how to not get sued.’ There’s also an enormous amount of time talking about how you can fire teachers / admin, and what the legal restrictions are on doing so. There is nothing on how …

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We Owe Them

When COVID hit, a lot of us started referring to healthcare workers as heroes. I think some of that has gotten lost a little, in the year-and-a-half we’ve all collectively endured. We’re all tired, I know, but we can’t forget this. We owe them. I have a lot of healthcare folks in my immediate family …

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Three Committees

School board meeting tonight; among other things, I’ve been assigned to (volunteered for) three committees in addition to regularly bimonthly meetings: • Instruction • Facilities (a new committee) • Tradition of Excellence (honoring alumni who have been exceptionally successful in their fields) I’m looking forward to digging in on instruction and facilities — both of …

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Deeply Frustrating

Oak Park is 57% vaccinated, about 2/3 of those currently eligible. It’s better than a lot of places, but still. We could get to herd immunity; it’s eminently possible, and it would make so many vulnerable people so much safer. Deeply frustrating.