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Four quick things, folks, as we countdown to our March 6 launch (just 16 days away! Eep!): GIVEAWAY, REVIEWS, TREAT SUBSCRIPTION, SAN FRANCISCO 1) Woot! I’m running a hardcover cookbook giveaway on GoodReads for US folks — enter to win (look for the Enter Giveaway link, a little down the page). An international ebook giveaway …

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If someone is kindly inclined to leave a review

Hey, it looks like people can post reviews on the Books-a-Million site now? Maybe? If someone is kindly inclined and wants to get the ball rolling (and let us know if it works), that would be GREAT.  

Starting to finally feel like a book tour…

Adding another SF event on 3/24! (Starting to finally feel like a book tour…) 12:30 – 1:30, lunch with me at The Writers’ Grotto. (This event is for Grotto members only — join the Grotto at their website.)

Comforting crepes

Having a rough night, but mango-chocolate chip crepes with whipped cream did help briefly.

New Patreon tier

Hey, folks. Quick check — we’re setting up a Patreon subscription, so that people can get treats from me reliably. (Sadly, food treats can only be shipped in the U.S. right now — anything else is beyond my capacity!) Here’s the current description — how does it look? Any thoughts? $10 / month tier: “Once …

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Healthy habits

Content note: diet & exercise. Today I finally started the morning with 30 min. walking on treadmill (at 2.0 speed) while doing recipe posting (instead of sitting on couch). I’ve been meaning to get back to that for weeks, and somehow every morning I just didn’t. But today I did. And I’m now making a …

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