A Little Door Decor

Took 15 minutes to put together a little front door decor. I admit, I’m having a little trouble motivating to do holiday decor this year, with no party to host, but at least we can get the outdoor dressed up a little, and hopefully it’ll cheer up the mail carriers at least! The hanging planter is from Gardener’s Supply — I really like changing it out seasonally. In the spring, I’ll plant little mini daffodils, etc. in there.

I use a mix of metal (jingle bells), dried decor (the artichoke pods and dried pomegranate were from Trader Joe’s, I think, which have held very nicely over a year in storage), faux decor (berries, a big sprig of silvered greenery that I used wire cutters to snip into six pieces, three glittery peach ornaments).


My South African amaryllis (the kind that generally bloom in time for Christmas, as opposed to Dutch amaryllis, which usually bloom for me in January / February) has started opening nicely. This one is Harlequin; I love that fine tracery of red on the edges of the white petals.

Amaryllis can be a bit pricey to invest in, but they do usually bloom for a few weeks, so a nice, long return. AND, if planted in soil and treated properly, they should return annually, so eventually, you can amass a nice collection, if you’re so inclined. And if you’re not planning to try to bring them back, maybe offer them after they’ve bloomed to your local garden club group? Someone else may be happy to take it off your hands !