Teaching in a Time of Pandemic

Sweet Notes

Aw. The students have started handing in their final projects, and some of them are accompanied with very sweet notes: “Thank you so much for a great semester. I’m sure transitioning online was not an easy task, but you handled it remarkably well. I appreciate how understanding you were of all of our schedules. Have …

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Such a Hard Year

Just got my formal reappointment letter for next year — as NTT faculty, it wasn’t guaranteed, so I’m glad that I still have a job. So much sympathy to those faculty who haven’t been reappointed; our union has been putting a lot of pressure on administration to reappoint NTT faculty, but I know many higher …

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Personal History Presentations

Seven students did their final personal history presentations today, and it was just lovely — smart and thoughtful and honest and provocative. Nice to be reminded that an online class can also be awesome sometimes. Proud of them.

Last Week of Classes

Last week of classes. Not gonna lie — can’t wait for this semester to be over. I miss my students’ bright faces and interesting conversations, but switching to a poor simulacrum of online teaching mid-stream has been a tremendous strain all around, especially when my own executive functioning skills are pandemic-impaired. But on the plus …

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