Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans


Woot! Kickstarter for the podcast I’m doing with Benjamin Rosenbaum has passed the halfway mark — we’re now at $920 out of $1500 goal. If we can get to $1000 by the end of today (Sunday), I will be more confident that we’ll actually make it to $1500 in time — four days left! Eep. …

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Almost There

Do you want to hear me and Benjamin Rosenbaum talking to fascinating writers, editors, agents, game designers, librarians, and more? Every week, our dulcet tones could be filling your ears. We’d be accompanying you on your commute, keeping you company as you do chores, entertaining you while you weed the garden, and helping fill insomniac …

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Giving Tuesday

Hey, folks, it’s Giving Tuesday. I will try to do a proper SLF-related post soon (we’d love for you to become members!), but for the moment, let me remind you that there’s just 8 days left on our podcast Kickstarter! Eep. We’ve raised close to $500, but have $1000 left to raise in the next …

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