Panel at MLA

This is the panel I’ll be on tomorrow evening at MLA, just fyi. “Sri Lankan American Women and Non-binary Writers: Contemporary Investments and Future Directions” THURSDAY, 9 JANUARY, 7.00 PM-8.15 PM, SKAGIT 4 (Washington State Convention Center) While examining investments in human rights, transgenerational memory, and alternative forms of justice, panelists investigate the current trends …

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Sun Salutations

Nice morning in Columbus. I woke up, realized I should pack before our 9:30 pick-up, so did that while eating leftover Indian food (if you stir the rice into the sauce, it won’t go dry overnight, and while it would be better heated, room temperature the next morning is okay with me) and listening to …

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Parallels Writing Conference in the new Streetlight Guild

Parallels Writing Conference in Scott Woods‘s new Streetlight Guild in Columbus, Ohio. Totally jealous of this space! Want something like it in Oak Park…or in Austin? How amazing it would be to have a dedicated writing space like this. If someone wants to donate a small house to a non-profit, CALL ME.  The Streetlight Guild has a …

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Home again, feeling ill

Home again, honestly feeling kind of ill. Got quite sick on the airplane, again on the car ride home. Hopefully it’s just motion sickness and will pass, but I don’t normally get sick on planes; hope I didn’t catch some kind of con crud or plane yuck. I adore traveling, but there are definite hazards. …

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We love our booksellers

I brought a few extra copies of Feast with me to World Fantasy, along with the ones I was delivering to Kickstarter backers here, and bookseller Amy of Book Universe bought herself a copy of my book! We love our booksellers.   Support your local indie bookstore. 🙂