Book Sale

I’m clearing out my basement; everything must go!  Happy to sign any books ordered.   Many of these have just one or two copies available, so please e-mail Chris ( with your order, and he’ll let you know if the books are available.

Shipping note:  Please add on $5 shipping + handling per order domestic U.S., $10 international.  So for example, if you want a signed hardcover copy of Bodies in Motion sent to Seattle, that would be $13.

Books I wrote:

Bodies in Motion, dust jacketed hardcover (Sri Lankan American immigrant stories): $8

A Taste of Serendib (cookbook): $5

The Poet’s Journey (children’s picture book): $5

Torn Shapes of Desire (my first book of erotic fiction and poetry): $3

Colombo Chicago (hardcover, French edition of Bodies in Motion): $5

Tela U Pokretu (Serbian edition of Bodies in Motion): $3


Books I’m in:

Lowball (large format paperback) (Wild Cards anthology): $5

Chicks Dig Gaming (essays):  $5

Out!: Stories from the New Queer India (fiction):  $5

Catamaran #9 (South Asian literary magazine): $2