Did a little sewing yesterday evening

continuing the project of seeing what I can make from various fabrics in my stash. I had a yard of fleece in my Starry Trees print, so decided to try making a floor pillow. Worked!

Although poly-fil is more expensive than I expected – just the filling was twenty bucks! I suppose if I were making more of these (which I’m not really planning to), I could find filling cheaper bought in bulk.

Still, cute, cozy. I could see it under the tree at Christmastime, with a little kid curled up on it and a stack of books. Would also work for a pet bed, but only for a gentle pet – I don’t think it’d stand up to heavy-duty dog use.

Will drop in the shop after Thanksgiving, although if you’re local and want it, holler. (Don’t think it makes much sense to ship this…) $40.

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