Books Marks and Audio Books

Took an hour to make resin bookmarks while listening to Nicola Griffith‘s _Spear_ on audiobook. This is my second recent attempt at listening to an audiobook (something I’d like to try to get in the habit of, since I listen to so many podcasts, and it’d be nice to use some of that time for keeping up with actual books), and MUCH more successful than my first attempt.

The first was a fluffy rom-com about four Black brothers who take over their mom’s knitting store (_Real Men Knit_), and the premise sounded fun and entertaining, but I’m afraid that the author’s prose style really didn’t work for me as an audiobook. No shade to the author, but it’s the kind of commercial style that I think I mostly skim when I’m reading light fiction, and you can’t skim an audiobook. I tried setting it much faster, but that didn’t really help.

Nicola’s book, on the other hand, is full of lush detail and gorgeous language, AND she’s reading it herself, very well, and it’s just a pleasure as an audiobook. Whew. So I’m reassured that I’m not completely incapable of listening to audiobooks, which is good, and also thoroughly engaged in this Arthurian retelling (with a decidedly queer twist). Went very well with making bookmarks. 🙂

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