It’s Kavi’s Sixteenth Birthday Today

She informed me this morning that she’d been researching what you get to do at sixteen, and she is now old enough to drive (she takes her test next week, eep), and also old enough to get married (but her sweetie is still fifteen, so she can’t actually marry them yet).

I think she’s wrong about the married bit — I think in Illinois, you have to be eighteen. And I’m hoping Kavi will choose to wait a little longer than that! But it’s a little unnerving to remember that my mother was married at eighteen, and had me at nineteen.

Kavi can’t possibly be almost old enough to get married. Just look at those cheeks! She is still my little baby! I’m having enough trouble with the idea that she’s doing study abroad this summer, and will be in another country (Argentina) for an entire month. Eep.

I’ve been astonishingly lucky in my daughter — a lot of mothers have contentious relationships with their daughters, especially in the teen years, but we’ve been spared that. Kavi’s really one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I feel privileged to be her mom.

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