Early Morning Wandering

I managed to doze for an hour or so, and lay in bed reading for a while longer, but by 6:45 a.m., I was getting restless, so it seemed like a good time for an early morning wander of the LUMS campus. Like many universities, this one seems to host an arboretum, with lots of interesting trees, clearly labelled.

Although I’m a little confused as to whether this pine is actually Pinus roxburghii (aka chir pine), which is native to Pakistan — maybe longifolia is a more general name for longleaf pines?

According to Wikipedia: “Chir pine is widely planted for timber in its native area, being one of the most important trees in forestry in northern Pakistan, India and Nepal.”

If you google uses of chir pine, you’ll get all kinds of claims re: the usefulness of the resin in managing diabetes and other health issues, but as always, please confirm with reputable research before ingesting home remedies found on the internet…

Lahore, Pakistan.

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