A Nickname for a University

Naming help? I need a nickname, people. The university the current story is set at has given itself the grandiose title of The University of All Worlds, which is in keeping with the founders’ ambitious plans. But that is clunky to keep repeating in a story, and I’m quite sure the students would’ve come up with a better nickname for it within a the first week of classes, or several.

I am completely failing to come up with any nicknames, though. UAW is plausible but BORING. Help?

Picture it as something sort of like Starfleet Academy crossed with University of Chicago — very geeky, lots of humans and aliens and genetically modified humans wandering around, all in a domed city on a planet that’s slowly being terraformed to human-habitable. I feel like the dome itself could be part of a nickname, for example?

Picture of the university + capital city of Kaveri from cover of The Stars Change in case that helps at all.

(Artwork by Jack Kotz)

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