TV, Crafting, and Cookies

Mostly offline today, had a nice TV + crafting + cooking day. Made a great chicken curry, that will be a good accompaniment to the various vegan dishes I’ll be making this week (cabbage mallung or green bean curry tomorrow, I think, if you have a preference for what comes next, holler).

Finally finished and actually put away ALL my laundry, which hasn’t been completely done in…um, weeks? Months? Shh… I have one last set of pants to try on tomorrow (see which ones fit, which ones should perhaps be consigned or donated), and then I’ll be done with the winter sort too. I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces for weeks, so it’ll be VERY satisfying to have it done.

Watched a couple episodes of Supernatural with Kavi (we’re at the beginning, about ten episodes in, I haven’t seen it before, are there cute chicks for the boys to flirt with in every single episode?) Good background for crafting and cooking, since it’s mostly kind of mindless monster-hunting without a lot of subtlety.

Poured some more resin experiments — added gold leaf and this sort of feathery stuff that came in a bouquet to the dried roses, also did some with dried salvia from my garden and bits of purple-y opalescent glitter. We’ll see how they come out tomorrow. And did a bunch of sanding and a bunch of cleaning tape residue off bevels (current method: vegetable oil, let sit for 30 minutes, rub off).

Finishing up Counterpart with Kevin this weekend (four episodes left now) — that one does take paying attention, so we’re getting a lot of snuggling in. But also some cooking in between — I needed one more box of milk toffee for the last flash sale set of orders, so I made a batch of that, and Kavi asked for passionfruit marshmallows to take to a birthday party tomorrow, so I made a batch of that.

Plan for tomorrow: spend a while on e-mail and paperwork, work on a writing project in the morning. In the afternoon, start a flash sale and then sew…I’m thinking I want to try making a mini messenger bag. Comment below if you want to be tagged into the flash sale — marshmallows, milk toffee, resin pieces, maybe some sewn pieces, and of course, always, books and curry powder. 🙂

Okay, to bed and one more episode of Counterpart for the day…

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