Fixing a River

Here I’m trying to fix a ‘river’. I think the person who critiqued me won’t mind if I quote her comment, which explains it well.

“My first thought is that when you zoom out and look at the pattern as a larger sized tile you will have a river of background making a definite strip. It took me many designs before realising how important it is to make a big rectangle and scale your pattern down to look for the river of empty space. Some elements have to move off the line to break it.”

She included a photo showing me the river — I actually had checked for rivers, but this one was subtle enough that I missed it. I’ve tried to address it by moving a few of the elements, which then made a space big enough that I added another snowdrop to fill it. I think it’s better?

Still a bit of a line formed by the green jacket bunny and the blue overcoat bunny, but more broken up with pink overalls bunny shifted to the right and the snowdrop added.

(Sorry about the pixelation; that’s from the screenshot.)

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