Tricky Jewelry Photography

It’s tricky photographing jewelry so you can see the details! These are the resin experiments from last night; for these, I was working with bits of moss, dried salvia from my garden, gold leaf, sparkly gold ink.

I don’t love the effect of the sparkly gold ink (though that salvia pendant was Kevin’s favorite out of the set) — I like the clear backing better for showcasing the botanicals, I think.

It’s tricky getting resin totally clear — for this kind of open-back bevel, I used a piece of packing tape to hold the bevel down and sealed, filled it with UV resin (more expensive, but much faster, curing in minutes instead of 24 hrs, so helpful for experiments), and when it was cured, peeled off the tape.

That left a cloudy sticky residue, at least with 3M tape — I’m going to try Uline’s crystal clear tape and see if that does better. But you *can* remove the residue — the most effective process I’ve found so far is to use another piece of tape and dab firmly at the residue; the tape picks it up, which sort of feels like magic. 🙂

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