Experimenting with Resin Pendant Options

Spent a little while today experimenting with various resin pendant options (while re-watching Avatar with Kavi and Kev, who hadn’t seen it before — oh, that was not a good movie. Very pretty at various points, but not good).

The goal was to figure out what I might want to do for the next Serendib treat boxes — tentatively themed: “The Forest Has Its Secrets.” I tried five variations:

a) moss and gold leaf
b) pink holographic
c) red glittered with leaf accent
d) salvia with light gold backdrop
e) clear with gold leaf

I think I’m going to go with the moss and gold leaf for the treat boxes — they’re my favorite. But Kavi likes all of them, and there’s a Galentine’s sale locally in Forest Park on the 12th, so I might make some more of the others for that. We’ll see!

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