Isolation Is Sucky

I think I forgot to mention that Kevin caught COVID over the holidays (first time in our family, four days of giant family gatherings were just too much for him) — he was symptomatic and tested positive on the 28th, so he’s now on day 7. Mild symptoms — mostly some fatigue with a bit of sniffles.

We’ve all been testing, and continue to test negative, so I guess his isolation is working — he’s been hiding in his office / our bedroom, while I’ve been sleeping in the guest room. He’s only ventured out masked to grab food and then hide again.

I miss him. I’d planned to spend a lot of time this past week snuggling and watching TV with him. Boo. Isolation is sucky, but I’m glad we haven’t caught it. The big goal is to have everyone disease-free when the semester starts on Monday and we all go back to school. Fingers crossed.


Productive morning so far, with a Serendib Press Zoom meeting laying out some plans for the new year. In addition to continuing to publicize and sell the cookbooks, and put out little cocktail and tea party ebooks, we’re going to be working on releasing some of my backlist as ebooks. Silence and the Word, Torn Shapes of Desire, some of the novellettes I wrote way back when that aren’t in print at all anymore, etc…

I think that means I want a different imprint name for the romance / erotica. Which means I have to come up with a name. Sigh. Naming things is very hard. Feel free to suggest names, sexy, ridiculous or otherwise!


Lunchtime now. Mm…lunch. Pol sambol, chicken & potato curry, and milk rice. I think I’m going to make a cauliflower poriyal for dinner tonight — it should make a nice vegan meal with the pol sambol and milk rice.

I like this ‘attempting to cook vegan dishes for a month thing’ I’m doing so far — it’s helping me get out of my cooking ruts and eat more deliciously.

And if I’m too hectic to cook a single dish on a weeknight — well, that means I ought to slow things down in the rest of my life. Cooking well and eating well are important!

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