OPRF Prisms Concert

I had a school board meeting last night — not an actual board meeting, but a monthly committee that I sit on as the resident board member. Usually about an hour meeting, but last night we had very little to do (it’s mid-December, no one wants to work), so we adjourned early and they snuck us into the OPRF Prisms concert, which was just lovely! I think I want to try to go with Kevin for date night next year. 🙂

I particularly liked how dynamic they made the performance — they had the main orchestra on stage, but they did lots of short pieces and alternated between smaller groups in the back and the sides of the auditorium — it was very fluid and high-energy, with lots of different kinds of music.

And the quality of the performances was top-notch too! Felt like going to a professional show!

Just very well done, kudos to the music department, kudos to the performers!


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