Hoping to Stay in Good Writing Mode

Wrote another scene, now up to 4991 words on middle-grade. My goal for this project is to get to 10K at this retreat, and I think that’s feasible. I think that’ll be about a quarter of the way through? We’ll see. Enough that I have some good momentum for hopefully continuing it over the holidays; the semester ends after I grade finals next week, and I’m hoping to stay in good writing mode once I’m home.

But since I wrote a scene, I’m allowing myself a break to post some trip photos. 🙂 Here’s our trip to Ke’e Beach, which I’d definitely recommend if you’re visiting Kauai and like swimming. Access is limited, so be sure to buy tickets in advance.

NOTE: Ke’e is a GREAT swimming beach for small children, very safe, water sheltered and a bit warmer than elsewhere, nice sand to walk on far out, lifeguards on duty.


• caves we drove past and did not visit
• dramatic landscape
• pathway to the beach (you drive up to a parking lot, then take a shuttle to the beach, showing your reserved ticket which you’ve downloaded or screenshot or printed in advance, because there’s no WiFi there currently)
• pathway through cool trees to beach
• some kind of garden we passed — it was unclear to me whether that was park land or privately owned. I think that’s taro growing there.

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