Propagating My Annual Salvia

I’m going to try propagating my annual salvia from cuttings — it’s supposed to be easy, just cut, stick in water, wait a few weeks for roots. At which point I guess you pot it up, and grow it indoors until spring? I’m new to all this, so not sure. Tips welcome! I’d love to save some money on annual salvias next spring.

But neighbors, I’ve taken all the cuttings I need, so if anyone else wants to come by and take some, please feel free. There’s a big Salvia Amistad in the parkway, a big Wendy’s Wish about halfway up my diagonal path into the yard, and a small Black-and-Blue just in front of the black bench near the stairs. 332 Wisconsin Ave., the blue and purple house.

I’m working from home today and tomorrow if you’re more comfortable coordinating when I’m around, but honestly, you’re welcome to just come by and cut away. The Wendy’s Wish is starting to wilt from cold, so I think in the next few days would be your last chance.

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