My WindyCon Schedule

WindyCon starts today! My schedule:

Traveling for Research Friday 16:00 Junior BC
It sounds adventuresome and exotic, but traveling to research a project isn’t all wining and dining and touring strange counties. Authors and artists talk about what they really do when they visit distant lands to work out the details of their projects.

Winifred Halsey (M), A.M. Dellamonica, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Jody Lynn Nye

Opening Ceremonies Friday 19:00 Junior BC — I’m toastmaster! Must come up with something funny to say…

Harnessing Social Media Friday 22:00 Lilac BD
Social media is central to an author’s promotion and advertising. What’s the best way to use it and what are the new media authors should know about?

Neal Litherland (M), Paul Hahn, Mary Anne Mohanraj



Affordable, Quick, and Easy Games Pick Three Saturday 11:00 Lilac BD
Panelists discuss tabletop games they enjoy, that cost less than $30, are easy to play, and are short enough that a group of gamers can play three or four different games in an evening.

Terrence Miltner (M), John Ickes, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Helen Montgomery, N. Frances Moritz

Choosing the Right Medium Saturday 12:00 Lilac AC
From acrylics to multimedia to pixels, how does an artist choose which medium to use for a project, and what goes in to mastering a new medium? Do different ideas require different media?

Mary Anne Mohanraj (M), Kat Huddleston, Alice Liddell, Charles Ott

Promoting Your Work Saturday 13:00 Lilac BD
Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, or hybrid, promoting your work is a major part of being a successful author. What methods are most useful, which ones are frowned upon, are there lines that shouldn’t be crossed?

Bill Fawcett (M), Eleanor Imbody, Alice Liddell, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Alex Nevala-Lee

Fantasy Governments That Aren’t Monarchies Saturday 15:00 Junior BC
The fallback political system in fantasy is often a monarchy—either a kingdom or an empire. But there are many other types of governments that get mentioned less often. Why aren’t these more democratic types of systems used more often? Do monarchies make for an easy story of saving the world from the Evil Empire or are they just the easiest to write? Why is this so?

Geoff Strayer (M), A.M. Arktos, Sue Burke, Alexei Collier, Mary Anne Mohanraj

Autographing Saturday 16:00 Dealers Room


Reading Sunday 12:00 Boardroom

Transitions of Power Sunday 13:00 Lilac BD
Panelists discuss the transfer of power in modern governments of all types. What are the traditions and what are the modern attitudes?

Bill Fawcett (M), Sue Burke, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Neil Rest, Mark Roth

Closing Ceremonies (toastmastering) Sunday 14:00 Junior BC


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