Toastmaster of WindyCon

I’m delighted, and slightly nervous, to announce that I’ve agreed to be Toastmaster at WindyCon, this Nov 11-13 in Lombard.

I think this means I’m supposed to be mildly entertaining while announcing things, pronounce people’s names correctly, try my best to not say anything hurtful, and keep it short and snappy.

I think I can manage that, but will also gladly take all of your toast-mastering tips!

Register here:

“Toastmasters were largely expected to keep the event from becoming boring, and a cottage industry arose in the middle century to cater to the desire of businessmen and other leaders to overcome the fear of public speaking. Would-be toastmasters were typically counseled to use light humor, and to have anecdotes and epigrams handily memorized.” — Wikipedia

(The real question: what will I wear???)

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