51st Birthday Coming Up

Hey, it’s my 51st birthday next week. I usually buy myself a birthday present (could be an object, could be an activity), but am feeling uninspired. Kevin and the kids have something planned, but I usually make sure I do something fun myself. Suggestions welcome.

Would prefer to spend less than $100, and not be crowded into a small place with lots of people. 🙂

EDITING to add: Thank you all for your suggestions so far!

It’s really interesting how I’m emotionally responding to these — anything that involves beautifying self, I find I resist doing on my birthday. I think I think of that as essentially a chore that must be done to conform to societal beauty standard, rather than a treat. So no mani-pedi, no eyebrows, etc.

Legos are fun, but not fun enough to be exciting to me. 🙂 And I have too many books that are stressing me out already with their desire to be read; I don’t want to add any more to them.

Stuff for the kitchen / garden, I already budget for and buy as needed, so it doesn’t feel birthday-isn. And I have plenty of clothes — if anything, I should be winnowing again.

So far definitely considering:
– axe-throwing is high on the list, if I can find some local friends who want to go with me.
– local glass workshop class also very appealing
– iFly?
– theatre show possibly, not sure if there’s anything I want to see, possibly too many people in enclosed space sadly
– new-to-me restaurant or museum might be good
– hotel day pass is sort of appealing, but I might feel obliged to work, because so often I do that in hotels as a writing retreat, which is not ideal for birthday
– not sure about hot air balloon, but maybe?

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