Drafting Course Guidelines for the SLF

I took a break from memoir revision to work on drafting some course guidelines for the SLF. We’re getting more and more requests for writing classes, which is great. I’m not sure how quickly we can implement these, but possibly as soon as this fall.


I’ve been envisioning a three-tier model for instruction at the SLF:

a) self-directed courses — we provide a set of modules and a syllabus on our website, and you work through it on your own — FREE

b) cohort w / facilitator — we provide a facilitator, and help put together a cohort of about 5 people who want to work through one of our courses together; the facilitator wouldn’t teach or read / crit work outside of class time, but would meet with the group once a week on Zoom, check in with people, see how it’s going, answer questions — $30 / 3-week sequence

c) course — a standard course (also some one-off workshops), where skilled writer educators would teach the class, read and critique work, etc. — $180 / 3 week sequence; $60 for a weekend afternoon 2.5 hr workshop


We’ll have limited scholarships available as well, and long-term, hope to implement sliding-scale pricing.

Thoughts? Would love feedback!

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