Doing What We Can

Little bits of yesterday and today. Lunch with Roshani at Sen Sushi was delicious as usual, and a good chance to vent / decompress.

Mostly this month I’m living in grubby gardening clothes, but I took a shower and dressed up a bit for lunch, just for a change, and was pleased that my gorgeous earrings by Ana Constantinescu matched my dress so nicely, in blue and gold — and I only realized after I took the photo that they also matched my deep blue wall and gold blanket. Um, I am just very on theme, yes? 🙂

I picked up an intro to polymer clay work; the plan is to try it with the kids sometime this weekend. I’m tentatively planning to make little mushrooms for the Patreon treat boxes — we’ll see how they come out. I haven’t worked with polymer clay before, so it’ll be an experiment. I’m hoping for adorableness that one could nestle into a little houseplant. We’ll see.

Most significant, though, after something like 2-3 months of not writing, I started writing again this morning, editing on the cancer memoir. Why I’ve been so avoidant for the last few months, I have no idea, but it’s a relief finally breaking through. I’m going to go swim now, but when I come back, the plan is to just plow through until I finish. Hopefully this weekend. I’m leaving the file open on my computer, in case that helps. I’ll take every little mental trick I can at this point.

I honestly have no idea whether I’ve taken so long that we’ll have to push off the publishing date (originally scheduled for October) — will have to talk to my editor and see. Hoping she’s not too annoyed with my delays. 🙁 Sometimes, though, we just do what we can. Trying to be gentle with myself.

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