Little Moments of Domesticity

I finally had a chance to sew up some of the snowdrop fairy fabric that I designed last spring. I think it’s probably better suited to children’s clothing? But I do like this double-width version in spring green and yellow. For a whimsical Easter brunch, perhaps? 🙂 I’ll add it to the Serendib store in a bit, but if you want it, let me know: $44.99.

Lilies from the garden that the rain had dragged down to the ground — they were close to 7′ tall before, and I was tempted to try to find a very tall vase for them, but then I remembered that I wanted them up on the mantel, one of the few places Arya can’t jump to. I cut the stamens off, so the pollen doesn’t fall around.

Cookies by Kavi, baked yesterday, from the King Arthur cookbook, delicious. Not pictured, the deviled eggs she made last night when she wanted a midnight snack, also delicious. Her cooking impulses are erratic, but delightful.

Drumstick alliums — they do smell onion-y, which isn’t usually what you want in a cut flower, but they’re so charming, I’m okay with it. 🙂

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