Watching the World Go By

I think I was a little overoptimistic about Wednesday afternoon’s booster shot. Yesterday, my arm was quite sore at the injection site all day, with a hot, raised, discolored welt. Not really a problem unless I touched it, or tried to sleep on my left side, but annoying.

More of an issue, I was just tired and a bit feverish — I ended up going to read in bed at 4 or so, just giving up on getting much else done yesterday. Which always makes me grumpy and mopey, feeling like I’ve lost half a day of work, but on the other hand, I’m trying to remind myself that if I’d actually gotten sick, I’d have likely lost a lot more time. Vaccines are good. Vaccines are great. Be grateful, Mary Anne. (I am, really.)

Today, the welt is still there and still hot, but less pronounced, and I’m not as tired overall, and not feverish. But every time I try to do something physical, I’m out of breath and heart-pounding within 5-10 minutes or so. I guess the more active gardening work is going to have to wait a little longer; the neighbors will just have to endure the weeds in the parkway.

Trying to take a lesson from Arya and Ellie — just rest, mama. Watch the world go by…

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