New Nicola Griffith Interview

I interviewed Nicola Griffith at ICFA for the SLF; we talked about disability writing, historical research, her recent and upcoming books, and more!

“What my work basically does, in Hild in particular, is, I call it “norming the other,” and I do that through creating narrative empathy. And I do that using focalized heterotopia, that is to say, to take my focalizing character and create a world for them that is a heterotopia for them. So, for example, Hild is queer, but she never, ever has any stress, harrassment, punishment for being queer. So for her, from the queer perspective is heterotypical.”

Full interview:

And here’s our Portolan Project module featuring a clip from the interview, with study guide questions (suitable for a book club or study alone) and writing exercises. Please use and enjoy! Thanks to Meghan Lamb for putting together our study guide for this interview!…/nicola-griffith/

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