Garden Log 6/12/22

This weekend has been a lot of weeding, planting natives from the recent native plant sale, and then carefully mulching around the new plants, so I don’t accidentally pull them thinking they’re unwanted weeds.

When I’m really not sure I’m going to be able to tell the little plants apart, I leave the plant tags in place, because sometimes it takes me a year or so (and the plants getting bigger) before I can reliably tell what little native plants are.

But mostly, I’m posting today because you should all congratulate me because I went to the garden store and ONLY bought the mulch I needed. In order to do this, I checked what time they closed (5 p.m.), and deliberately left the house at the right time to arrive there at 4:55, so I would only have time to go to the counter, pay for ten bags of triple-milled hardwood mulch (which will nicely break down over the next year and improve my soil), and then pick said mulch up in the parking lot. Yay, me.

My muscles are very sore, after that much weeding, hauling of mulch bags, and spreading of mulch. But sore in a good way.

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