A Finishing-a-Book Present

Aren’t these utterly gorgeous? I bought myself a finishing-a-book present, to commemorate actually completing Vegan Serendib (okay, I want to re-take one photo today, but otherwise, my work on actually *making* the book is done).

Ellen Kushner posted about this company, and I hope she doesn’t mind that now she and I have the exact same earrings (we can be twinsies if we wear them to a con on the same day 🙂 ), and I just love so so much of what they do. They have a host of book-themed silverwork that is so beautiful, and I may need to get some of that down the line, and there’s lots of science-type pieces, and considering the workmanship and the sterling silver, the prices seem pretty reasonable to me.

Even the packaging is ridiculously pretty!

Shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ResMirum

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