Garden Log 6/9/22

It’s sort of funny that I only have to do ONE thing to these Blaze climbing roses, which is prune them in early spring (when the forsythia bloom), and I just was so busy with work at that point, that I just couldn’t cope with even that one thing, but thankfully, Beth Uhen’s husband, Everol (aka Rasta with a Rake), was available to come and do some pruning for me. So they look fabulous, hooray.

I don’t water these or fertilize; they just bake in the sun — I suspect the concrete of the alley also reflects a lot of heat back up to them, which roses love. (I did water them occasionally the first year.)

I’m able to have them here because when we needed to redo the cracked concrete floor of our garage, I had them block out rectangles for planting, so I’d have soil access. But I *think* you could just jackhammer some concrete up if you wanted to do this in an existing space? Now we’re getting outside my areas of expertise, so I’m not positive…

Note the milkweed, which coexists quite happily with the roses. I’ve seen one monarch butterfly so far in my garden, but soon, we should have lots. 🙂

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