Anand’s Last Day of Sixth Grade

Last day of 6th grade, off he goes. So big.

I woke up feeling a little woozy today for no real reason, but I took it easy in the morning, reading an Alyssa Cole romance (A Divided Hope). Her work is always intriguing. I also recently read another romance, Mr. Malcolm’s List, because the upcoming movie looked fun, and I’m sorry to say that that one felt a bit like a waste of my time, very formulaic, do not recommend. I may have ranted a little bit about why they’re not making movies from books with better source material.

My screenwriting class liked my completed first draft of the Jump Space pilot, yay! They had some suggestions on places where I might deepen it, since it’s a little short right now for a typical pilot episode, and I think I’m going to try that in the next week’s work. I’m having fun with this screenwriting thing, even though I don’t know if it’ll go anywhere. Nice to stretch myself, learn new skills, think about writing in a different way. Also makes it feel like the kazillion hours I spent watching TV during the pandemic were somewhat more purposeful than they felt at the time.

Plan for today — I did go swim, even though I was feeling a bit off, and I enjoyed it and felt better afterwards, so that’s good. I’m trying to very slowly increase the distance I swim — those of you who do this seriously may be amused to learn that yesterday I swam 100 yards, and today, I swam 125. I am a turtle, but a stubborn one. Bit by bit, we improve. (Actually, I’m sure turtles swim a lot faster and farther than I can…)

Stephanie Bailey stopped by at 10 to collect her galley copy of Vegan which just arrived — exciting! I’m going to do a whole separate post about that later, so more soon.

Kevin has a doctor’s appointment, so I’m going to run him in for that at 11, then swing by garden store on the way home for mulch (I need so much mulch) and a few pavers, then meet with Serendib team on Zoom at noon, then therapy at 2.

Otherwise, the day is pretty unscheduled; if I can focus, I’m hoping to finish drafting the cancer log, which doesn’t have that much left. We’ll see — if not, tomorrow. It’s really just a first-pass draft, because I have some ideas of something I want to do in the second pass, but I’m still hopeful that I can get the whole thing finished this week and off to the editor; I feel like we’re starting to really push the anticipated October launch for it.

Oh, and I have a yoga class in the evening, mustn’t forget — I’ve been getting a lot of leg and foot cramps, so trying to get myself more stretched out and flexible. Foot cramps are the worst. We hates them, my precious.

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  1. I am coming to wonder whether there is a strong similarity between poetry explication, which I was taught briefly as an undergrad, and screenwriting. Do both handle extreme detail in a similar way?

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