Garden Log 5/31/22

It’s long past the optimal time for pruning roses (“when the forsythia bloom”), but when roses have grown such that they’re reaching over the top of the redbud tree to get some sun, and they’re also threatening to thwap you in the face when you walk by, optimal must give way to necessity. And roses are pretty tough, they can take a later pruning.

If you’re working with a monstrously thorny rose like this cold-hardy John Cabot (Canadian Explorer series), I strongly recommend a pair of serious long leather rose gloves to aid you.

Though if you’re reaching up to lop off a branch high above your head and it ends up falling on your shoulders, you may end up pricked a few times regardless, donating a little blood to the old rose gods. They do demand their due, but they give us so much beauty in exchange…

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