WisCon Art Show

Friday and Saturday were so busy, I didn’t have time to post about Wiscon! But I’m in the Art Show doing a volunteer shift now, so I have a little time sitting at a table when I can type. 🙂 I’m wearing my snowdrop tank top to advertise — the cute young barista who took my chai order this morning said she really liked my outfit. Happiness. I’ve sold a few pieces already — at least one scarf, some headbands (I should have made more, as I’m all out), some soaps, and a botanical bookmark.

I’ve bought work from several artists so far, and I’m particularly pleased with a gorgeous collection of pottery from John Cejka — please imagine it on my summer table dressed in white, full of delicious curries. I think his work is wildly underpriced at this art show, so if you’re at Wiscon, I strongly encourage you to check it out and snag some beauties for yourself. Great colors, lovely textures, deliberately a little uneven in a beautifully organic way.

(NOTE: The Art Show is a little hidden — it’s on the first floor, just behind the stairs.)

I have a great location this year, with plenty of space to display scarves, so that was fun. I have one snowdrop apron too — I would’ve sewn more, but ran out of time. Also soap, prints, a tablecloth, table runner, swaddle blanket — I think my aesthetic may be ‘ye olde curiosity shoppe’ where things are just jammed in cheek-by-jowl.

At the What’s Blooming fair last weekend, my booth was across the street from an artist who made fine golden jewelry (Marigold Mary Jewelry), presented in a spare manner, with a very curated feel. Just a few choice pieces on display at any moment, lovely. As for me, I guess I’m a magpie. 🙂

Will be working the table until 11:15, so if you’re here and free, stop by and say hi. Company is always nice!

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