Finding Voices and Telling Stories

Why are we running a Kickstarter to fund a free self-directed introduction to creative writing class? Well, for one reason, the costs of graduate school in creative writing have skyrocketed in recent years. For one example, consider:

Columbia University, 2021–2022 Tuition and Fees, MFA Students

Fall and Spring Semester total: $73,240

Cost of a Two-Year Program: $146,480 + housing and food

There are some schools that offer good scholarships and other funding, and some schools that offer fairly reasonable rates. Columbia is at the high end of the tuition range. And MFA programs often offer amazing instructors, passionate classmates, and a teaching credential if you complete the program.

But if you just want a chance to dip your toe into the creative writing waters, getting a little guidance on your journey, we think those first steps should be free!

We’re raising $5,000 to build a self-directed Intro to Fiction course this summer. We provide honoraria to the teachers designing the courses, who will create study / discussion questions and writing exercises to accompany video interviews with masters in the field.

This free-to-the-world course will include a minimum of six modules, such as:

Module 1: Dialogue and Voice (featuring Nalo Hopkinson)

Module 2: Worldbuilding (featuring George R.R. Martin and Kate Elliott)

Module 3: The Editorial Process (featuring Liz Gorinsky)

We envision a world where everyone can find their voice and tell their stories, learning to write successfully. Two days in, and we’re a little over halfway to our goal! Can you help us get there?…/portolan-writing-project…

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