We’ve Launched the Portolan Kickstarter

Folks, we’ve launched the Portolan Kickstarter! Please check it out, and I would REALLY appreciate it if you’d tell your friends — like, share, comment on this post, anything you can do to help us blast past the FB gatekeeping algorithms and make the Kickstarter actually visible to people!

We’re aiming to raise $5000 initially to fund developing and providing a free self-directed Intro to Fiction Writing course on our website, available to anyone anywhere in the world. If we hit that goal early, we have a host of additional projects we’d like to fund, including a small press co-op, a mentorship program, and much more.

We already have a dozen free lessons on our site, featuring interviews with masters of the field, emerging talent, and other professionals (editors!), with study questions and writing exercises. We also have panels you can watch right now, where we ask editors what they’re looking for, we talk about how to generate ideas, and much more. And of course, there’s 38 episodes of our podcast on writing, literature, and culture that you can start listening to right now…

The first day is the most important for a Kickstarter, so if you can take a few minutes to shout us out TODAY, that would be super-helpful!

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