Kavi Doing the Parenting Work

Kavi (age almost-15) made me stop watching Gilmore Girls with her an hour ago, because I’d made the mistake of telling her I was two days late on handing in my homework for the screenwriting class that meets tomorrow. She asked what I had to do, and I told her, and she said that didn’t sound too bad, especially since I *liked* writing.

I said I didn’t want to do it. Kavi firmly but kindly said she thought I should do it anyway. I grumpily acquiesced.

She then went and took her shower and got herself ready for bed, and I did my homework, rewriting my logline to try to make it clearer that this is an ensemble show, downloading and installing Final Draft, and turning the first scene of the story into three pages of screenplay draft.

And yes, as soon as I actually started working, I was fine and even sort of enjoying it, because she’s right of course, I do like writing.

I wasn’t sure what to do with some of my narration, but I just threw it into parentheticals for now, and hopefully the teacher will be able to help me figure that out in class tomorrow, assuming he has time to read it beforehand. But anyway, it’s in, and I’ve sent an apology for its lateness to the class, and I feel much less stressed about not having done it yet…

I know it’s Mother’s Day, but I think maybe Kavi was doing the parenting work tonight. 🙂


[I think this is probably too long, but the focus is better. Maybe. We’ll see what workshop thinks.]

Jump Space (TV pilot): Sarita (early 20s), her husband Joshua (early-30s), their wife Kate (mid-30s), and their two young children have flown to Deneb IV, a planet on the lawless fringes of the charted worlds. Sarita is spending several weeks on ethnomusicology research, holding a series of interviews on-planet with the engineered cat-like humans who live in indentured servitude to those who designed them as pheromonally-enhanced prostitutes. She never expects to fall in love with one of her subjects, Cho, a man her spouses have never met. How can she leave Cho behind in such terrible conditions? But if she asks her family to take him off-planet illegally, she’ll put them at terrible risk. The poly triad have to decide what they’re willing to risk for the sake of their marriage, and for love. (And of course, for Cho, this is the chance of a lifetime to change his circumstances; if he has to lead on a young woman (or worse) to make that happen, who can blame him?)

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