More Intentional About My Crafting

One of the main things I’m trying to work on right now is being a little more intentional about all my crafting, trying to make sure that they all tie to a book I’ve written. So instead of just having a big spinny rack full of shelves, tomorrow I’m going to try grouping the scarves, soaps, etc. with relevant books.

So this is the South Asian section — it has Bodies in Motion + three Sri Lankan cookbooks. Along with those are two of my Mayura Raksha scarves, a Sri Lankan sea dragon scarf, and my Travels in Sri Lanka scarf, featuring a bullock cart, elephants, monkeys, and flowers.

If I have time, I might make some peacock soaps for tomorrow, and perhaps some rose & sandalwood bath salts. And I have at least a little homemade curry powder (come early if you want some, as I don’t have much), some passionfruit marshmallows, and some dragonfruit chocolates on hand.

The idea is that people can put together themed gift packages (for themselves or someone else). You could make a pretty splendid Mother’s Day gift package out of these, I think. 🙂

Tomorrow’s event details:

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