Garden Log 5/5/22

I’ve checked the forecast and I’m not seeing a nighttime temp. dropping below 45F in the next ten days, so I think it’s pretty safe to plant out the herb garden. The garlic chives have survived from last year — buy them once, and you’ll probably never need to buy them again. 🙂 They’re great to chop and toss into an omelette.

I’m going to have to to hit a few places to get all the herbs I want — I like to have a really wide selection for cooking with; I line two full hanging baskets on the back deck near the grill with herbs, often tucking some marigolds, borage, or other edible flowers in with them.

I also add herbs that I’ve grown from seed — Thai basil so far, because I know it’s always a little difficult to find in local garden stores, and I’ve gotten tired of hunting for it. It makes such a difference to a Thai curry, which is one of our weekday 30-minute dinner standards.

(Take one can Maesri curry paste, one can Chaokoh coconut milk, combine with chopped Thai basil and your choice of protein / veg and broth in a pot on the stove, simmering for 20 minutes, until elements are cooked through. Taste while cooking and and add a bit of brown sugar and/or a dash of fish sauce if desired. Serve hot with rice or noodles.)

If I’d had a little coarse sand or perlite on hand, I probably would’ve tried mixing that in with the planter holding the more Mediterranean herbs (such as marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme), since they’re happiest with good drainage. Well, they’ll probably do fine regardless; they generally do.

Remember to segregate your mint — it’s great to have for both savory and sweet cooking, not to mention cocktails (mojito, anyone?), but it will run rampant in a bed if given the chance. I’m trying peppermint and spearmint in that little peacock planter this year — it’s borderline too shallow, but I *think* it’ll work. We’ll see!

And you may notice that I haven’t actually planted my three varieties of thyme — that’s because they’re mostly meant for a joke. It’s an old tradition to plant a planter or bed with different varieties of thyme, with a sundial in the middle. A thyme / time garden. 🙂 I’d like to have a few more varieties — I’m going to keep an eye out for lemon thyme, woolly thyme, and mother-of-thyme in garden stores in the next few weeks. If you spot some, let me know!

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