Tear It Apart, Make It Better

What I want to be doing is puttering in the garden with my pets for company, and there’ll be some of that later, but first, I do have to get through at least a little computer work today.

Angeli Primlani and I agreed to sign up together for a local screenwriting class (I say local, but it’s on Zoom, so in theory, anyone can join). First class is this evening, and the teacher sent out an assignment to write loglines. Loglines are hard, people. Here’s my first attempt, which I’m sure they’ll tear apart in workshop tonight. That’s how it goes — tear it apart, make it better…


Jump Space (TV episode): Sarita and her family (her husband, wife, and two small children) arrive at Deneb planning to spend a few quiet weeks researching the local music culture for her dissertation, but Sarita never expected that she would end up falling in love with one of her subjects. Worse, Cho is an engineered cat-like human trapped in indenture servitude to those who designed him as a pheromonally-enhanced prostitute. Sarita can’t bear to leave Cho behind in those circumstances — but if she takes him off-planet illegally, she’ll put her entire family at risk, for someone they’ve never even met.

Liminal Space (feature-length film): Maya Chelliah has a plan; she’ll graduate med school, pay back her impoverished community the money they loaned her, start the clinic they desperately need, along with her alien best friend. But when her best friend is forced to leave the planet due to rising anti-alien violence, and her father becomes deathly ill, pushing her into a four-person arranged marriage in an attempt to give her economic security, all of Maya’s plans are tossed aside. She has to try to start over, hoping to find love, family, and security — not knowing that at the heart of the family she’s marrying into, a terrible secret lurks.

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