Hey, folks. OPRF board member here. I just finished an hour-long communications meeting with admin at OPRF; we’re trying to figure out better ways for the board to engage with the community, increase transparency, etc.

We’re talking about doing some dialogue-y forums in the fall, for example, and I may host a few Reddit-style AMA’s online. (Ask Me Anything’s, where I commit to being online for a stretch of time and try to answer any questions that come in, as best I can.)

If you have burning questions you’d like answered about OPRF, could you drop them here? It would help me figure out what kind of info is not making it out to the community.

If you have suggestions for how you’d like the board to engage with you, feel free to drop those here too. Thanks!

And oh, if you’ll be at What’s Blooming on Harrison (May 21), I’ll have a booth there, so feel free to stop by and say hi / buttonhole me with your questions in person. You don’t have to buy anything. 🙂

(Borrowed image that can up when I searched ‘transparency’ — I like the brown hand, though it is not mine.)

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