Not True Forever

Working on my cancer memoir (lightly editing the log entries for publication this October from Riverdale Avenue Books), 110 manuscript pages in, and have just hit this paragraph:

“I feel fine, people tell me, surprised, that I look great, and then I explain that I haven’t actually started chemo yet, and they say, “oh.” Yes, oh. That’s where we are right now — waiting with some attempt at patience for the chemo to start. And in the meantime, I grade a slew of papers, and get my garden into early spring shape, and cook and decorate for tomorrow’s Easter brunch and egg hunt. Life goes on. I admit to having a moment or two when I thought, “What if this is the last big party I have the energy to throw?” But then I smack myself upside the head, and remind myself that even if that’s the case *for a while*, it won’t be true forever.”


Given that I’m planning to host an Easter egg hunt this Sunday, just wanted to take a moment to appreciate it. I’m still here, eight years later. Still throwing parties and feeling great! Onwards!

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