I Miss Faces

I hosted the monthly potluck this evening for our local LGBT+ group, which meant I had about 50-75 people on the first floor, and it was mask-optional, and no one (except Kevin and our kids, who ducked downstairs periodically to get food) chose to wear masks, and it was both wonderful and slightly unnerving. First time I’ve thrown a party like this in two years. So nice to see everyone’s faces. I miss faces!

This is my excited-and-slightly-unnerved face. More party photos soon, but I have to go take my bedtime bath (it is a rigid routine these days, because otherwise I tend to get restless leg syndrome, which sucks mightily) and pack and sleep because at 7 a.m. I head to the airport for a writing thingie on the East Coast. It’s been a little bit of a whirlwind.

I get to meet my new editor (Lori, of Riverdale Avenue Books, publishing my cancer memoir and reprinting Perennial this October) as part of this, which will be great. I also get to have dinner with my New York sister and her family, which will be great in a completely different way. 🙂

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