A Powerful Kick

The twins (age 7) had a soccer game, so we went and cheered them on. Tagore has a powerful kick! Now, if he can just learn to dribble at least halfway up the field before taking his shot…though to be fair, none of the kids seemed to have really gotten the hang of dribbling yet. Ball control is not easy!

We were talking on the sidelines about Kavi and soccer — she was into it for a while, but she started so much later than most of the other girls on her team, that she was just really behind, and didn’t want to put in the effort to catch up, so eventually dropped it. And I was feeling bad about not starting her sooner, and also kind of wondering why we hadn’t, and then at some point in the conversation, the dates clicked for me —

— when Kavi was 7, Anand was 5, and the year Anand started kindergarten, I was deep in cancer treatment, and would be for another year and a half after that, so it’s no surprise, of course, that Kevin wasn’t trying to hustle them around to a bunch of extracurriculars while simultaneously taking care of sick me and making sure the kids had all their basic needs met.

I stopped feeling guilty about not starting Kavi in soccer earlier. 🙂

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