Upcoming SLF Panels

Professional writer / editor / agent friends (all genres), we’ve finished up the March Saturday panels we did during the SLF’s membership drive, and are looking ahead to May panels (to do during our Kickstarter). If you’d be interesting in joining us for a Zoom panel on one of these topics, let me know?

Panels are held from 2 – 3:15 CST.


May 7 — Getting Started on Your First Story / Facing the Blank Page — geared towards new writers, so as long as you’ve published some fiction, you’d be welcome on this panel

May 14 — Crowdfunding for Writers (includes a discussion about Sanderson’s campaign) — would particularly appreciate people who have done successful crowdfunding campaigns to join me for this one

May 21 — Research: Down the Rabbit Hole (I won’t be available for this, so someone else from the SLF will host it) — would love to have people who are into research, historical fiction writers, science fiction writers who look into the science, etc.

May 28 — Plotting vs. Pantsing — to Outline or Not? — ideally, we’d have a couple plotters and a couple pantsers on this one; I’ll probably be moderating, though it’s during WisCon, so it’s possible I’ll have a conflict, in which case, we’ll get someone else from the SLF to moderate


If you can’t do any of these four, but are interested in generally being on a roster of people I might write to to ask them about doing panels, let me know that too? Just comment below, ideally with your preferred e-mail. We will, of course, be very happy to promote your latest book as part of the panel. 🙂

These panels are done on Zoom, recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and our website.

Link to prior panels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKHLT-3mcpBwW8fAJU_Cqew

Pic of me and Summer van Houten, at ICFA, attending Farah Mendlesohn‘s fabulous Guest Scholar lecture. I wish we could gather in person all the time, but in the absence of that, Zoom is a boon!

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