Moment of Truth

Moment of truth — when I upload the design to Spoonflower and see how it looks on various home decor items. This bit is nerve-wracking!

Sometimes I discover that there’s a river of undesigned color running through that I didn’t intend, or the final version is more blocky than I wanted, and then it’s back to the drawing board to tweak the seamless repeat. Worst is if I’ve somehow managed to not make the repeat line up correctly — sometimes I have to go back to the original motifs and start over, because it’s too frustrating trying to fix it.

But hooray, this one seems to have just worked. 🙂 I think it looks really charming on all the home decor, and will be particularly loved by people who adore snowdrops, and gardeners who enjoy all the different varieties.

I’m going to do something with this for the Patreon upper tier spring boxes — maybe napkins or placemats? We’ll see. But the next step is to try some different background colors. I think I’ll stick to Easter pastels initially, at least, although it’d be interesting to also see these on a moody, dark background. Hmm…

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