A Bloody Cheesecake

I realized I have no idea what revision this is, because first this book was titled Kriti, and went through various revisions, then Flight, also various revisions, and now Liminal Space, with various revisions. It’s probably revision 10, but that makes me tired to contemplate, so I’m calling it revision 2 instead. Take that, book.

I’ve finished a good pass on Part One, which is now about 16,700 words. The whole book is currently 85,000 words exactly (!), so I’m a little dubious about my ability to revise all the rest tomorrow.

But on the other hand, I did record two interviews today AND had two long meals with groups of old (and new) friends, all of which ate up at least half the day. They’ll all be gone by tomorrow, and it’ll just be me all by myself, writing all the time. Maybe I’ll be wildly efficient — we’ll see.

I’ve rewarded myself for the day’s work with the hotel’s excellent cheesecake. If it looks a bit bloody, that’s because I asked for extra raspberry sauce — my one complaint about eating it a few nights ago was that it needed a bit more sauce. They happily provided on request. Yum.

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