Logical Planning for the SLF

Mostly doing logistical planning for SLF stuff this morning — we had a great panel yesterday with Lynne Marie Thomas and Jed Hartman (what do editors want?), well attended and lively discussion, yay! We’ll be editing that and have it up on our YouTube channel and site shortly.

I’m prepping for the next panel we’re recording, this coming Saturday at ICFA, with Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Walter Jon Williams, and David D. Levine — I’ll be talking with them about writing in shared worlds (George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards, Tremontaine, and others).

Register for these panels here: https://speculativeliterature.org/genesis-membership-drive/

They’re part of our membership drive — we’re up to 31 new members, hooray! I would dearly love the SLF to be widely supported by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of members worldwide — this is the first teeny tiny baby step towards that goal. If you can join us, please do. 🙂 Memberships start at $2 / month.

And now I’m off to do another SLF thing — for our podcast, Benjamin Rosenbaum and I decided that we’re going to try recording a live critique of each others’ work. It’s a little tricky figuring out how this will play, since these are stories in development that we’re hoping to sell and publish, so we don’t want to just throw drafts up for people to read. But hopefully it’ll still be interesting, seeing how two writers who have been doing this for oh, 25 years or so, approach critiquing each others’ short fiction. Interesting for you, nerve-wracking for us? 🙂

Recording in 10 minutes, off I go!

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